The “W” word – weight loss


So it’s been a slow start to this blog, but that’s about to change, starting with this post. Expect an weekly update. As I slowly rework my life, i’ll be adding new things. This blog is one of the things I want to include in my life. we go.

This week I want to talk about weight loss. I remember vividly, being 15 years old not wanting to eat supper and explaining to my father why. Well…highschool was the main reason I suppose. As a teen, highschool is the first big pressure point in someone’s adult life. I was an overweight, an introvert and an outsider. I thought, if I drastically starved myself, I’d get the girl, be the cool kid.

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I left the apartment


Leaving one’s apartment doesn’t exactly sound like an exciting first post, but there’s more importance in that statement than one might think.

The event in question was a small gathering in downtown Toronto, to launch my friend’s new board game Kickstarter campaign. At first thought, it would seem that I was attending to support my friend in his venture. Yes, that was an element to it, but to be honest, the reason I went was for my well being. Read More